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Wanna spend some long nights playing an addictive brainkiller? Then ZADOR is for you! What first just seems like a variation of the classic Shanghai-game soon turns out to be a totally different concept which will keep you playing for months! It's simple: Just make matches of chinese tiles, but there's one certain rule: They have to be connectable by a line with not more than two bents. Sounds complicated? Download and try it! You need 5 minutes to understand the principle but 5 months to beat all the levels!

Instead of using only normal Mah-Jongg-tiles, you can also select Egyptian tiles or fantasy-tiles to play with. For Christmas-time, there's also a christmas-tileset together with special musical-tunes.

How about that: Want to improve your household-skills? Select the sockquest-tileset and match pairs of socks! Great fun!

You can select every level seperately, you don't have to start all over again. You can also select one of four chinese musical-tunes. There's a meditation-mode without a timer for relaxed playing. And the special kids-mode features an easier game and tileset for younger children.

ZADOR features 58 totally brainkilling levels for endless fun. You get all this for only $19.95!

There's an additional level-pack which adds another 42 levels to a total of 100 levels! The level-pack can be purchased seperately for $14.95.

Special offer: Buy ZADOR complete with the level-pack for only $29.95. You save $5!