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Vector Games

Do you remember the spirit of 80's vector-based arcade games? Then this collection is definetely for you! Featuring four vector-based games, it brings back the feeling of 1980 - but the games ...

These games are the ones they've never had in the arcades! In CRYSTAL RACE you have to collect flying crystals in space, while avoiding to crash against the walls of your space-jail.

MINE FIELD let's you fight against tons of intelligent floating mines, each hit increases the number of mines, and the smaller, the faster they are.

GALAXY FIGHT is a 2D-space shooter with different attack-waves, each of them attacking in different patterns.

ADVENTURE sets you in a maze of rooms packed with monsters and treasures. Find the map, open doors with keys and get the golden goblet. Be surprised.

All games can be accessed from a single titlescreen, also showing the highscores of each game. Cool trance-techno-music plays in the background and the sounds are really 80's like.
Download now and enjoy a trip to the past for only $14.95!