Train your brain and skills with fun and challenging free download retro games for Mac and Windows!

Retrogames #1: Maze-Craze

A long time ago, when Atari released it's VCS 2600 game system, you knew that a fun game doesn't depend on fancy graphics and 3D-rendering. You just played the game and it was fun, no matter how blocky the graphics looked like. Download RETROGAMES 1: MAZE CRAZE and you'll discover that you can have that fun back on your Mac! Four differenz maze-games are included in this pack, all can be chosen from the title-screen. In THE CURSE, you leave a path of broken floors. Collect all the gold-pieces to advance to the next level. A nasty monster is chasing you. Plan your path carefully in order not to step on the broken floors. THE CAVE is filled with spiders guarding the gold-pieces. You'll need quick reflexes to avoid them. THE MOP is running fast and never stops, so you'd better be quick to make him collect all the gold. THE PATH is short but always moving. Follow it carefully to get your highscore.

All four games are featured in three versions: The 4-bit version, which looks like an old Atari VCS-game, the 8-bit version which looks more like an C-64 or Atari 800 game and the 2-bit version which looks like an old arcade-game with green-and-white-color graphics. Choose whatever you prefer. And to make the retro-style complete, fancy retro-techno music is accompaigning your play.

Discover the fun of 1978 now! All four games can be played in the unregistered version, only the number of playable levels is limited. So download and try now! Price: only $14.95.