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Frequently asked questions ...

I've lost my registration-code!

Send us a message, we'll replace it for free!

Are your games free?

Our games are distributed as shareware. This means you can download and try the games for free. If you decide to keep the game, you can purchase it here. You will then get a registration-code for the game which personalizes your copy and unlocks all the missing features so you can fully enjoy the game.

Can I copy your games
and pass them to my friends?

Yes and no. Yes: you may copy the unregistered versions of our games as often as you like and pass them to friends. No: your registered version is personalized for you only and may not be copied.

What if I don't register the games?

Keep in mind that developing a game is a lot of hard work. By registering your copy, you support development of new games. If not enough people register their games, no small companies will coninue developing games anymore. This leads to a lack of software and on the other hand to a monopolism of major companies who mainly develop mainstream games. Only small software companies are able to develop some kind of "different" games with new concepts or gameplay targeted to different groups of users. Illegal copies cost a lot of money and at the end, they make the software more expensive for everyone.

Why you don't develop 3D-games
and first-person shooters?

Check out the "about" section for a full explaination of that topic.

We run a magazine and would like to include
one of your games on our CD.
Do we get permission to do so?

Yes of course. Just take the free trial-version which is downloadable here and include it on your CD. Send us a sample-copy of the magazine and CD with our game included on it to our address below.

Do you need help for designing your games?

Absolutely yes, if you are able to create good-looking pixel-art like sprites and tiles, you can contribute to our games and make money at the same time. Contact us!